As you already know, Blueberry protects your eyes in all situations. From e-books to tablets to articles on our smartphones, reading is a daily activity that we all take part in. That’s why we’ve created Ozy reading glasses to help simplify your life.




#1 Three levels of vision


In order to correspond with your eyes’ natural movements, our Ozy reading glasses are made with wide field lenses, which offer three levels of vision:


At the bottom of the lens, the power is stronger for close distances and reading (0.3m).

The middle has an intermediary strength for screens (0.7m).

The top of the lens offers a lighter power for longer distances (3m).


This way your vision is clear, even when you change activities. You won’t need to take off your glasses to talk to friends and coworkers anymore!


#2 The BP Lens technology


We call ourselves Blueberry because protecting your eyes from blue light is fundamental to us. Therefore, our Ozy reading glasses also include BP Lens technology that filters blue light!


#3 Trendy colors


Yes, our glasses protect your eyes, but they do it with style! Our range of Ozy glasses is made up of three trendy colors: Blackberry (black), Strawberry (red) and Tortoise in size M!

Lunette de repos écran Blackberry 1

#4 Five corrections available


There are options available for everyone because our Ozy reading glasses, like our Soft Power line, include a magnifying effect that ranges from +1 to +3 to improve your visual comfort.


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