If you’re sensitive to dazzle and glare, polarized sunglasses are for you!

Blueberry Sun protect your eyes from sunlight with their range of polarized sunglasses with 100% UV protection (UV 400).
Thanks to a scratch-resistant coating and ultra-modern case, you will take your sunglasses everywhere.

Size L+

logoLPlus.pngSMART STYLE

Ideal for all types of face,
they soften the features thanks to their dynamic style.

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Size XL


Ideal for large faces
for maximum protection.

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Blueberry Sun sunglasses are available in 3 categories of polarized lens: plain, shaded and mirror effect.

So what are polarized sunglasses ?!

Sunlight and UV rays sweep across and bounce off any surfaces encountered. Sand, snow, water and grass are highly reflective - 15, 85, 20 and 2%, respectively - making the environment quite dazzling with the ability to cause long-term lesions on the retina.

Polarized lens sunglasses will stop the light rays reflected by the sun, reducing glare and offering maximum protection.

Advantages of polarized lenses :
  • Anti-glare
  • Optimum UV 400 protection
  • Clear, contrasting vision
  • Clearer perception of depth and relief
  • Visual comfort

Our Blueberry Sun sunglasses offer category 3, 100% UV protection (UV 400). What does this actually mean?


No protection
These are lenses with no protection from the sun.


Low protection
The glasses are lightly tinted (ideal for cloudy weather or aesthetic use).


Average protection
Slightly tinted lenses (ideal for intermediary light).


High protection
Lenses tinted for high exposure (ideal for the sea, mountains and driving).


Maximum protection
Dark lenses for extreme light conditions. These lenses are prohibited when driving a vehicle.