In fact, the blueberry, this little bluish-purple berry with a mild, slightly sweet flavour, is naturally rich in antioxidants. They are often known as the “vision fruit” with acknowledged beneficial effects on vision and eye disorders.

There is a man behind these snappy glasses, Benoit Sourdon, who realised the increasing exposure of himself and his three children to blue light through looking at screens.

Like thousands of people without any eyesight problems, he was experiencing the immediate symptoms of increased blue light exposure such as watery eyes, headaches and double vision.

A creation from the Blueberry© brand, a solution to protect the eyes from blue light with ultra-modern, trendy, coloured frames at an affordable price.

Dry, red, watery eyes, headaches and sleep disorders are a thing of the past.

A veritable innovation on the market, the brand is a great success. The brand is distributed on the Internet, as well as a network of opticians in France and across Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, etc.). A cohesive start-up, Blueberry came into being in Normandy.

Constantly aware of market needs, we detected a need for corrective eyewear with anti-blue light protection for the adult first-time wearers of glasses, normally young presbyopes. We therefore developed the Blueberry© easy focus and soft-power, available in 1 to 2 dioptre strengths, including our blue-light filter screen treatment.

An innovation we have brought out on the market - the first design glasses that reduce dazzle and visual fatigue at the wheel: Blueberry© Night Drive.

We are delighted the Blueberry© anti-blue light range has been voted “product of 2017” by Belgian consumers !

Still looking to protect your eyes, we have brought out a new 100% polarised range of sunglasses, the Blueberry Sun©, to protect your eyes from the dazzle and glare of the sun.

Ultra-modern frames, protection and reasonable prices are the components of the brand.

What will
Blueberry’s next adventure
be ?