Do you find night driving tiresome and difficult, particularly for long distances?

At night, colours and relief are less tangible and clear,
the transition from a well-lit road to a dark stretch can affect driving, making it uncomfortable or even dangerous ...
Night Drive driving glasses reduce glare, giving you better night vision.

Size L


Ideal for all types of face but
particularly for round or oval faces.

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Size XL


Ideal for large faces
for maximum protection.

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Thanks to their specific blue light filters, Night Drive lenses reduce the glare from LED or Xenon headlights and improve colour contrast.

Less fatigue and greater visibility with improved night driving safety.

Take a break every 2 hours when driving.
Have your sight checked regularly by a professional.

the secret remedy of 24 heures du Mans racing drivers.

To improve their night vision, many 24 heures du Mans racing drivers take a course of blueberry extract a few days before the big race! Royal Air Force pilots already used to do this to improve their visual acuity, at night in particular !

There is no doubt about it, Blueberries are a must !

Published in Sport 24, 2015.