Quiz: children and screens

Screens are just as much a part of daily life for children as they are for us, and we have already found that they have a strong impact on kids. Take this quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about children’s relationship with screens and blue lights.

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Stop misconceptions about driving at night!

The month of October is coming to a close and Daylight Saving ends this weekend! It’s the same story every year: you’ll have to drive in the dark both in the mornings and the evenings to get to and from work… So we’re going to help you separate truth from myth so you can be safer in the car during the winter months!

driving at night

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Why wear Blueberry glasses ?

Out of 7.5 million individuals, 2.5 million are confronted with vision issues that go untreated. However, this can lead to significant decline in vision over time, or even complete vision loss in severe cases…

These vision problems are due to excessive screen use, as well as repeated sun exposure. So what’s the solution?


Pourquoi porter des lunettes Blueberry ?

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BlueberryGlasses protect you in every situation

In summer and winter alike, BlueberryGlasses protect your eyes. That’s right, we’ll never abandon you. Wherever your destination may be, BlueberryGlasses will be right there with you!



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LED and blue light: a real danger, especially for children

LED is great for saving energy and we find it everywhere: lighting, cars, children’s games, screens, etc. But their toxicity to the retina is increasingly called into question by specialists. It’s true, these little lights are rich in blue light, and blue light, as you know, is very dangerous for the retina.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect not only yourselves, but your children, too.



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Choose Ozy for even more visual comfort!

On this World Wide Knit in Public Day, we’re thinking of all our knitters out there. You’re concentrating on your knitting project and someone interrupts you… you raise your head in response and your vision is a complete blur!

It’s time to say hello to reading glasses. If you don’t know about their benefits, you can read all about them in one of our previous articles.



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Plain, shaded or mirror effect: How to choose the right polarised lenses?

The return of sunny weather is the perfect occasion to switch out your old sunglasses for a new pair! You’ve already decided to go for a pair of Blueberry Sun, you’ve been convinced by our polarised lenses, their stylish frames and their strong category 3 UV protection, but there’s just one problem that remains: What’s the difference between the three types of polarised lenses? Read on to find out!


How to choose the right polarised lenses?

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Will the Internet consummation surpass television in 2019?

With all the technology available to us today, we spend an enormous amount of time in front of screens. And this number is only growing, especially with the increasing democratization of the Internet. In fact, according to a study conducted by Zenith, our time spent online has actually surpassed that of television. Let us explain ;)

consommation internet

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STOP preconceived ideas about the sun and our eyes!

It’s almost spring, and with it comes the return of sunny days! #Joy 

There are many preconceived ideas regarding the sun and our eyes, but how many of them are real? Let’s find out!

Idées reçues soleil yeux

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Blueberry launches Ozy reading glasses!

As you already know, Blueberry protects your eyes in all situations. From e-books to tablets to articles on our smartphones, reading is a daily activity that we all take part in. That’s why we’ve created Ozy reading glasses to help simplify your life.


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