In summer and winter alike, BlueberryGlasses protect your eyes. That’s right, we’ll never abandon you. Wherever your destination may be, BlueberryGlasses will be right there with you!




#1: Going out in the sun…


You have BlueberrySun, of course! They stop the sun’s UV rays to prevent any unpleasant glare. Their polarised lenses are equipped with an anti-scratch treatment that’s ideal for vacationers who like a bit of adventure!


#2: Staying at home…


It’s nice to stay at home and do nothing on your holiday but stroll in the sun and discover your city in a new light, except… there’s always the risk that a rain shower will make you spend the day inside watching a series! Think of your eyes with our anti-blue light glasses!

They’ll prevent eye strain, headaches and blurry vision… Little discomforts that you absolutely want to avoid during your vacation!


#3 : Taking a cultural holiday….


Expanding your cultural horizons while on holiday is fantastic! But you’ll appreciate it even more with our Ozy degressive glasses. Why? Their lenses have 3 vision levels that will allow you to read documents and inscriptions while still preserving your long-distance vision so that you can appreciate all the wonders that the museum has to offer! It’s the best of the best in terms of comfort!


When we said that there’s a pair of BlueberryGlasses for every situation, we weren’t lying. Even better, our glasses are available at some locations abroad. So what are you waiting for?