Out of 7.5 million individuals, 2.5 million are confronted with vision issues that go untreated. However, this can lead to significant decline in vision over time, or even complete vision loss in severe cases…

These vision problems are due to excessive screen use, as well as repeated sun exposure. So what’s the solution?


Pourquoi porter des lunettes Blueberry ?


Blueberry glasses to avoid visual fatigue


Blueberry glasses are treated with a blue light filter. This is a non-negligible factor today because we are increasingly confronted with screens and, consequently, recurring visual fatigue.


In order to protect the entire family, we offer designer frames that come in a multitude of colours at affordable prices! Our glasses are available for children and adults: It’s best to start wearing them at the youngest age possible because visual fatigue caused by the blue light from screens can have severe consequences, such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration


The Ozy solution for ARMD


That’s why we also offer our Ozy mid-distance glasses! They’re recommended for individuals with presbyopia and those in their fifties, as this is the age group in which people are most confronted with visual issues.


Our degressive glasses offer visual comfort up close and far away, so in order to prevent ARMD caused by eye fatigue, don’t wait any longer! Opt for Ozy glasses!


Polarized sunglasses for optimal UV protection


As we mentioned, blue light isn’t the only cause of vision problems: sun exposure is a culprit, too. So for all your outdoor excursions, no matter the season, choose our BlueberrySun glasses!


Thanks to our polarized lenses, they’ll offer you 100% UV protection, but that’s not all! You can say goodbye to glare, your vision will be clearer, and your depth perception will be more profound… In short, in addition to protecting your eyes, they bring you an indispensable visual comfort for all your outings. They’re the perfect substitution for our Blueberry glasses when you decide to shut off the screens from time to time! And if you prefer to keep your anti-blue light glasses close at hand, go for a pair of our polarized clip-ons ;)


With Blueberry, you’re protected in every circumstance!