Young - in your early forties, are you starting to squint
or move your tablet back to see it more clearly?

Make your life easier now with the Blueberry Easy Focus & Soft Power range.
These glasses filter the blue light of screens with the vision correction you need !

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Size M

tailleM.jpg CHIC & TRENDY

Ideal for square or rectangular faces,
they soften the features of long faces.

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Size L


Ideal for all types of face but
particularly for round or oval faces

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Size XL


Ideal for large faces
for maximum protection.

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Easy Focus +0,5 lenses have the slight correction adjustment you need. Small characters are larger and more readable, screen viewing is less tiring with greater day-to-day comfort.

Soft power glasses come in various correction strengths to match your needs... Do the test to accurately pinpoint the correction that is best for you – so you will no longer need to boost the font size on your smartphone!

You are between 40 and 45, you need to be around 45 cm from the text to read correctly. You are looking for visual comfort.

For people between 45 and 50 who do screen work - text is increasingly fuzzy when you are close and you need to position your screen further away.

You are between 50 and 55 and/or you can see nothing close up, everything is fuzzy and difficult to make out - you need to be around 45 cm from the text to read correctly. A +2 correction will improve your visual comfort.