On this World Wide Knit in Public Day, we’re thinking of all our knitters out there. You’re concentrating on your knitting project and someone interrupts you… you raise your head in response and your vision is a complete blur!

It’s time to say hello to reading glasses. If you don’t know about their benefits, you can read all about them in one of our previous articles.




Precise work calls for good vision


Sewing, DIY, working in front of a computer… we understand that these activities demand intense visual concentration. It’s a real marathon for your eyes and the effort involved can create ocular dryness and eye fatigue.

In order to prevent this discomfort, we’ve created our Ozy reading glasses for you.


Reading glasses or degressive glasses


Degressive glasses have been designed for people with presbyopia. Their lenses are able to correct issues with close-up vision as efficiently as for intermediary sight. Presbyopia occurs more frequently with people who work with computers or who do manual labour, and it typically manifests after the age of 45. If this is something you’re experiencing, don’t panic, it’s completely normal and Blueberry Glasses has the solution!


Why choose Ozy?


#1: Our Ozy reading glasses are multifunctional. They’re equipped with blue light and UV ray protection, providing your eyes with the security they need whatever your activity.

#2: Their wide field of vision lenses offer you a crisp and clear visibility up close and far away.

#3: You no longer need to carry several pairs of glasses in your bag, one pair of Ozy will do!

#4: No more boring glasses for you because Ozy mid-distance glasses are available in many colours! Find the perfect glasses to match your style! 

From now on, you can switch from your smartphone to your knitting with ease! Pretty great, right?

Want to buy a pair of our Ozy glasses? Visit us at: https://www.blueberryglasses.uk/store/degressive-glasses